KX-195 Series pneumatic hot stamping machine

机型 KX-195 KX-195M
最大烫印面积 150 X 200mm 150 X 200mm
工作台尺寸 170 X 200mm 128 X 128mm
烫印温度选择范围 室温~180℃
最大烫印压力 4~7bar
最大烫印速度 1300 pcs/hr 1100 pcs/hr
电源 220V/50Hz
发热功率 1KW


Toys, and other senior surface decoration.
1, elbow rack design, less compressed air consumption, the pressure strong.
2, Hot Stamping pressure, temperature and time can be adjusted.
3, around the table can be moved to facilitate rapid security operation.
4, working rotating rack to bypass centers rotating swing to the workpiece for rolling without sliding.
5, automatic feed, or paper, and adjustable.
6, the installation of photocell (Xinhua eyes) can tap on the thermal transfer paper with tracking control in place.
7, Hot Stamping head the height adjustable, Hot Stamping specifications larger workpieces.
8 Use Wind oil conversion device to the workpiece steady work rotating rack driven Hot Stamping.
9, with security guards to protect the safety of the operator.